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Rapping Shaquille O’Neal Petitions Pharrell for Inclusion on Video Game Soundtrack

Shaquille O'Neal NBA 2K15 Shaq Diesel Rap Video

Though a sketchy Future remix from last year purported otherwise, former Los Angeles Laker Shaquille O’Neal hasn’t really had much of music career since the release of his platinum-selling debut album Shaq Diesel. But in a new promo clip for the latest installment of 2K Games‘ annual basketball title, via XXL, the Kazaam star says he wants to make his way back to the rap game and petitions Pharrell Williams, the soundtrack’s executive producer, for inclusion.

Naturally, the whole thing goes down in sputtering verse, with some sketchy beatboxing backing it up. With warbling answering machine lines like “yo, Pharrell, this is Shaq / put me on the 2K15 track” he doesn’t really make the case that he’s still in top rapping shape, but it’s not really like the dude was spitting Busdriver bars to begin with.

Who knows, maybe with a boost from the “Happy” singer he could stage a full-fledged comeback, but if you watch the above video, you don’t get the sense that he’ll be challenging the likes of Future and YG for the best rap album of the year.