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Courtney Love, Kim Gordon, Yoko Ono Help Kickstart Online School for Girls

School of Doodle Courtney Love Kim Gordon Yoko Ono Kickstarter

All-girls schools run by the Catholic Church are all too familiar, but can you imagine one that’s supported by forward-thinking art figures like Courtney Love, Kim Gordon, and Yoko Ono? Last week, as MTV points out, a Kickstarter was launched for School of Doodle a new online high school for girls that seeks to “[activate] girls’ imaginations through entertainment, education and community.” All of the above musicians, as well as Sia, Cat Power, Pussy Riot, visual artist Jenny Holzer, and actress Natasha Lyonne among others, have been enlisted to help.

The campaign seeks to raise $75,000 and will do so in part with a collection of doodles and drawings by those musicians and a handful of other prominent feminist artists and thinkers. That book is available for a $50 donation.

Less a traditional school and more “endless obstacle course for the imagination,” the students will have access to the program’s lessons whenever they wish. Devoid of the strictures of normal education, School of Doodle will offer opportunities to explore the imagination of its students.

‘We are very specific in using the word ‘imagination’ and not ‘creativity.'” said creator Molly Logan in an email to MTV. “We find that people interpret creativity as tied to art or learned skills while they all agree that imagination is something everyone has and takes many forms. lessons will not be restricted to art and the development of the curriculum will be driven by our Doodle community and our teen board of directors.”

The project has garnered over $40,000 in less than a week. If it reaches its goal, School of Doodle is expected to open in late 2014.