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Roses Deliver Shimmering New Wave on ‘It’s Over’


If emerging Los Angeles trio Roses‘ new song “It’s Over” indicates what’s in store for their first EP, Dreamlover is certainly a fitting title for the record. The whimsical track calls to mind ’80s New Wave, with sprawling guitars, shimmering synths, and frontman Marc Steinberg’s mellow vocals. The ethereal outfit’s sound also matches the sonic evolution of guitarist Juan Velasquez, whose previous band Abe Vigoda shook off their tropical punk roots in favor of a more conventional darkwave sound on their last LP. Alex DeGroot, engineer for synth-pop outfit Zola Jesus, recorded Roses’ debut effort.

The Dreamlover EP will be released on August 5 via Group Tightener, but in the meantime, listen to “It’s Over” below.