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R. Kelly Moves Into House Music

R&B elder statesman adds to his growing list of sparsely detailed alegedly in-progress albums

R. Kelly let a whole bunch of screaming fans in on an unexpected bit of news at the Chosen Few DJs Picnic in Chicago on July 6. He’s planning on releasing his very own take on the dance genre for which his hometown is known, house music. Speaking from the stage, he says: “I want y’all to know a secret. I’m working on a house album right now, and I want y’all to know, it’s coming. And y’all know, I love music and I feel like I can do anything when it comes to music because I am music just like y’all.” The news that he’s continuing to explore his throwback aesthetic, albeit in a different direction, arrives via NME. And as far as we know, the R&B star still has 12 Days of Christmas up his stocking.