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Philip Selway’s ‘Coming Up for Air’ Video Reveals Vintage Movie Tricks

Philip Selway 'Coming Up for Air' Video Radiohead

Radiohead drummer Philip Selway announced his second solo album about a month ago, and now we’ve got the first taste of Weatherhouse. Above, you’ll find the video for “Coming Up for Air,” a terse and floaty track featuring a crisp beat, billowy guitar, and vocals that seem to echo forth from a small pool of water. You may hear a teensy bit of OK Computer in there somewhere, but you also might find yourself distracted by the excellent clip that goes with. Directed by Spanish film collective NYSU, the video frequently breaks the forth wall, exposing the bones of film sets before zooming in on the bit you’d actually see on celluloid. Complementing these hand-made effects is the overall style of the scenes, which hark back to an older era of Hollywood when noirish detective tales and woodsy horror were most prevalent.

Watch above, with the knowledge that Radiohead are set to hit the studio in September.