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See OneRepublic’s ‘Love Runs Out’ Video Recreated for $50 (Instead of $179,635)

onerepublic love runs out spoof on a budget

We heard in March that Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic would be twiddling some knobs on the new U2 album, now it looks like someone’s twiddling his, so to speak. From YouTube’s Made In Network (“television about music being made”), today we get a look at what Tedder’s band’s video for the single “Love Runs Out” might have looked like if they’d had only a $50 budget instead of an estimated $179,635.

The creation team spent its funds on props mostly — including a tambourine, martini glass, dress, and party streamers — then used some green-screen magic and got to it. The result is a clever parody of an already pretty absurd video. There are ninjas (not these), men in horse costume, weird tree things, and a comparatively funny-looking cast. The “On A Budget” series has already spoofed One Direction’s “You & I,” but the “Love Runs Out” clip is a far bigger success (and a more ambitious feat) than what we saw there. 

Watch the budget version above and compare to the original below.