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World’s Best Baby Stops Crying For Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails Baby Crying Copy of A Hesitation Marks Video

So you’ve heard that conventional wisdom about exposing your babies to Mozart, but what happens to a kid with an early penchant for Nine Inch Nails? At least on the basis of the video above, via MTV, it seems like a love for former SPIN cover star Trent Reznor’s dingy industrial project could be just as healthy. Clearly a child of discriminating taste, the baby in the above clip is embroiled in a mild breakdown until she hears the opening synth line from “Copy of A.” From there on out it’s pure flailing joy. Who could’ve guessed that Hesitation Marks, an album whose very title makes reference to suicide, would turn out to be a healthy parenting tool? But fer crissakes, just keep her away from “Closer” until she’s a little older.