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Metallica Are Out of Work in a ‘SportsCenter’ Promo

Following Mariano Rivera's retirement, "Enter Sandman" needs a new home

Even though Lars Ulrich always comes off as plenty serious and stoic about that whole file-sharing thing, Metallica keep demonstrating a pretty impressive amount of self-awareness about their image as they settle into heavy metal middle age. After responding to Glastonbury beef with a goofy (and gory) short film about bear hunting, the Los Angeles quartet emerges again with a SportsCenter promo that displays a surprising sense of humor.

In the clip, SportsCenter anchor Jay Harris deadpans that the band doesn’t have much to do around ESPN’s headquarters now that former New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera (who famously used “Enter Sandman” as his entrance song) has retired. The guys don’t have much luck pawning off new entrance tracks to Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski or golfer Jon Daly, so Kirk Hammett resorts to trying to give guitar lessons in the break room.

Watch the brief ad above, via Stereogum.