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Morgan Freeman ‘Narrates’ the ‘March of the Juggalos’ Nature Mockumentary

March of the Juggalos Gathering Morgan Freeman Documentary Video

Insane Clown Posse’s yearly celebration of intemperance and self-indulgence — yes, the Gathering of the Juggalos — hit Thornville, Ohio, this weekend. That fest functioned as a beacon not only for the performing likes of Gilbert Godfried, Yelawolf, and Cypress Hill, but a host of unwashed pleasure-seekers who can now be legally classified as gang members — an unfair designation that, for better or for worse, does serve to highlight that Juggalos are a tribe unto themselves.

This year marks the 15th iteration of the festival and, as Consequence of Sound points out, an enterprising “filmmaker” put together a “documentary” to commemorate the anniversary. Seen above, March of the Juggalos re-imagines previously existing (NSFW) festival footage as a nature film, exploring the pleasures of ICP fans’ pilgrimage by overdubbing Morgan Freeman’s iconic narration from March of the Penguins. It’s short, hilarious, and another excuse to ogle.