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Lily Allen Destroys Online Haters in Colorful ‘URL Badman’ Video

Lily Allen 'URL Badman' Video Vice

Lily Allen has had enough of online trolls, and she makes that pretty clear in her Sheezus track “URL Badman.” As Stephanie Benson wrote in her SPIN review of the album, there’s a lot of satirical misfiring here, what with the cliched insult of saying that online critics work in their mother’s basements (most of us have apartments without basements) in their PJ’s (we can’t afford shiny pleather outfits). This lyric is the most telling: “It’s not for me? It must be wrong / I could ignore it and move on,” she sings from the viewpoint of an Internet troll, but the whole reason this song exists is to write about something she hates and can ignore. Anyway, the musical revenge on her homebound haters wasn’t enough, so Allen made this video, in which she uses her powers to destroy some geeky, poorly dressed dudes, colorfully stretching them apart to the point where they can no longer type their mean words. It’s a bit of mindless fun, and Lily, if you don’t agree with us, we’ll gladly talk about it in person — just give us a quick heads-up so we can at least put on some PJ’s that aren’t covered in Dorito powder.