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Lana Del Rey Is Getting Married (in her ‘Ultraviolence’ Video)

Bride-to-be peels oranges, vamps through gardens, sucks fingers

The day has come for Lana Del Rey to unveil the video for “Ultraviolence,” the title track from her sophomore LP. In true LDR style (see also “Shades of Cool”) the clip has a purposefully amateurish quality to it: The camera is shaky and the colors are washed out as she appears to ready herself for becoming a bride. The home movie aesthetic reaches a nadir when the cameraman reaches his out his hand for her to suck on his fingers, and her giggle breaks through the sound of the track. Other than that, Lana doesn’t do much, which is sort of her M.O. She walks through a garden in a wedding dress, lip syncs, and peels an orange — and yet, somehow, it’s still oddly captivating and another addition to the Del Rey oeuvre.

Speaking of, earlier this week we heard three new remixes of this very same song, with the Penelopes, Sonic Matta, and PBR Streetgang dousing “Ultraviolence” in disco.