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Hear Three Dancey, Distant Remixes of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ultraviolence’

Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence Remixes

A month after the release of her sophomore album, Lana Del Rey has returned with some deliriously dancey remixes of that records title track. Courtesy of the Penelopes, Sonic Matta, and PBR Streetgang, these three tunes manage to upend the swooning balladry of the original in favor of driving kickdrums and neon synthesizers, all without sacrificing the dead-eyed distance of Del Rey’s vocal takes.

Ever since the singer’s brief dustup with Frances Bean Cobain over comments she made about wanting to die, she’s remained relatively reserved for the rest of her Ultraviolence press cycle. A recent interview with Rolling Stone turned up some interesting bits about lyrics that disappointed her parents (just guess which one), and her musical affinity for former SPIN profile subject Father John Misty, but she’s shied away from the sort of inflammatory remarks that she favored in early interviews. Listen to the three new remixes below.