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See Kristeen Young, Dave Grohl, Pat Smear Blast Through ‘Ferguson’ Performance

Kristeen Young Dave Grohl Pat Smear Ferguson 'Pearl of a Girl'

Unfortunately, the release of Kristeen Young’s excellent new album The Knife Shift was overshadowed by accusations that she was to blame for Morrissey’s latest tour cancellation after she gave him a “horrendous cold.” Considering his past health woes, it seems pretty unfair that Moz is blaming anyone else for his maladies (seriously, man, just live in bubble already) but what make it even worse is that, after Young denied the allegations, Morrissey guitarist Jesse Tobias posted a screed accusing her of being a liar, and signed off by saying, “Good Riddance to False Friends.” Ouch.

Luckily for Young, she has a more loyal friend in the form of the supremely chill Dave Grohl, who played drums on The Knife Shift‘s 11 tracks, and added guitar on five. Ever the generous type, Grohl accompanied her to The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson Wednesday and brought along his Foo Fighters mate Pat Smear to perform a rendition of “Pearl of a Girl.” Despite the dudes’ presence, the spotlight is almost solely on Young, who commands the stage with ferocity to the point where one worries she’ll knock over her keyboard. It’s a treat to watch, and given Grohl and Smear’s recent performances with Lorde, St. Vincent, Joan Jett, and Kim Gordon, maybe Young will be the next woman to front a quasi-Nirvana reunion?