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Kanye West Teaches Airport Etiquette in Failed Reality Show Pilot

Kanye West Travel Agent Reality Show Video

Kanye West’s occasionally awkward appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians weren’t his first brushes with reality TV stardom, according to TMZ, who recently unearthed a pretty strange pilot for a 2010 show about his travel agent Brett Grolsch. The lusciously-locked agent apparently didn’t seem to be an intriguing enough figure to center a whole show around, but the clip of Kanye from the failed show’s first episode features some choice advice from Yeezus himself.

After a brief segment in which his longtime associate Don C. details some of Ye’s frustrations with his recent accommodations (a hotel employee apparently leaked the news that he was staying there), Kanye offers up his air travel preferences, which apparently include being in airports as little as possible.

Perhaps that disdain for sitting around in airline terminals is unsurprising, given that some of his most famous altercations with the press have occurred in such environments, but 2010 Kanye seems mostly concerned with unpleasant interactions with fans and admirers.

“I try to avoid airports at all costs because people like to say really stupid stuff to me,” he explains. “Ok, that’s completely politically incorrect. I like being in airports and I like people walking up to me and saying shit like ‘are you Kanye West?'”

As for dealing with the unwanted attention, Yeezy suggests pretending to be on the phone. And if he’s tempted to lash out at a fan who approaches him anyway, he’ll instead direct his anger at the person he’s on the phone with.

“It lets them know that they’re interrupting the shit out of you,” he laughs.

The short clip really just makes the case that the architect of SPIN’s 2013 Album of the Year would be a great subject for a reality TV show rather than his travel agent, who mostly just laughs at Ye’s jokes.

Watch the brief segment of the pilot above, via Stereogum.