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Juicy J, A$AP Rocky, and Ester Dean Offer Double Dose of Twerk

Juicy J ASAP Rocky Scholarship Video Ester Dean Twerk'n 4 Birk'n

Juicy J fans rejoice. Today brings a double dose of the Memphis MC — that’s twice the J, and twice the excuses to pop bandz. First up, with help from A$AP Rocky, you’ll find the video (above) resulting from last year’s twerking “Scholarship,” in which the SPIN interview subject stirred up controversy by giving aways the $50,000 prize for non-twerking reasons. The clip celebrating 2013’s Stay Trippy is pretty standard fare: a number of college-aged women twerk in a garage before J and A$AP hit the strip club for some more of the same. 

Next up in the shaking-it-for-cash category is a new Ester Dean lyric video for the Juicy-featuring track “Twerk’n 4 Birk’n,” via 2DopeBoyz. The lyrical content’s roughly the same as “Scholarship,” but more in a “bitches be…” kind of way. Among those things that those, er, women be doing: Twerkin for Birkin (duh), popping coochie for Gucci, busting wide for that Prada, and bending it over for Louis. Okay.

If J’s line about getting “brains ’til I’m a genius” is to be believed literally, it seems he’s reaping some intellectual benefits from all those scholarships he’s been talking about throwing around. And that’s a good thing. The more you know, right? Watch it here: