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James Blake Debuts Moody Untitled Track on BBC Radio

James Blake New Song BBC Residency

At Governor’s Ball last month, James Blake let the news slip that he’s already about halfway done with his next record. The U.K. producer returned to his occasional radio residency on BBC Radio 1 to debut a new song that may or may not eventually end up appearing on that LP.

Though the track doesn’t seem to feature any of the high profile guests that Blake has suggested will appear on this new album, it’s a typically moody cut from the beatsmith. Sans vocals, Blake uses a series of percussive slaps to conjure an emotional distance that’s as bleak as Burial. Elsewhere in the show he plays cuts from his friends Airhead and Lone. He closed the set with Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain,” which he says is one of his favorite tracks of all time.

Listen to the whole set over at BBC, or just the new track (which will come out “in some incarnation” on his label 1-800 Dinosaur) at the 63-minute mark.