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How to Dress Well Wraps Video Trilogy With Bizarre ‘Childhood Faith in Love’

Tom Krell shares yet another visual in support of '"What Is this Heart?'" LP

After taking some dark, eerie turns in the videos for “Repeat Pleasure” and “Face Again,” How to Dress Well’s Tom Krell finishes up his “What Is This Heart?” video trilogy with a slightly happier, but still weird, clip for “Childhood Faith in Love.” Here, the young protagonists have survived some hardships, including the funeral pyre for a loved one, and it’s all taking an emotional toll. After a long trek through a desert and forest, they find solace in — where else? — a remote gas station. There, the female half of the duo loads up on water and some snacks, which they feed to each other outside. It seems to do the trick in lifting their spirits, but then again, the oddball ending suggests that maybe things aren’t so good after all. We’ll let you decide and, if you need some hints, check out our Q&A with Krell about the album and his views on living in a godless, nihilistic universe. What Is This Heart?” is out now via Domino/Weird World.