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Haim, Too, Refuse to Take Vanessa Bayer’s ‘Sound Advice’

Haim Vanessa Bayer Sound Advice Sisters

Former SPIN cover stars Haim have joined the ranks of Tegan and Sara, TV on the Radio, and Drake as guests on Vanessa Bayer’s awkward faux-media-coach video series Sound Advice. With Danielle out sick, Este and Alana represented the family band, sitting down for an interview with the Saturday Night Live star’s Janessa Slater character. “So you guys are sisters, and your last name is Haim,” says Bayer. “So you’re kind of like the female Nelson, with slightly shorter hair?” She continues, “So what does Haim mean in Hebrew? Let me guess — ‘She who parts hair in the middle’?”

The interview gets increasingly more contentious as Bayer tries to get the two Haims to split and dish on their sister, asking, “Did she not come because she was, like, being a bitch?” But despite all catty attempts at getting the women to turn on Danielle, Este and Alana only respond with sympathy. Of course, colds-be-damned, Haim’s stayed active this summer with some of our favorite performances at Primavera and Coachella. They’ll be working on a new album this fall, and yesterday dropped the new track “My Song 5” featuring A$AP Ferg, which you can hear below: