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Fred Durst Directed a Surprisingly Sincere eHarmony Commercial

Limp Bizkit Eharmony Commercial

Last month, Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst emerged with his latest foray into filmmaking, an uproarious religious mockumentary called The Truth. It displayed a surprising amount of poise, tact, and intelligence, characteristics you might not necessarily expect from the nu-metal provocateur. In an even more surprising turn, Durst has released another directorial effort on Friday, this time for the dating website eHarmony.

According to Ad Age, eHarmony tapped Durst for a whole string of TV commercials this year, but lest you think that the site is redirecting toward an edgier crowd, the first of them “Caroline and Friend” is surprisingly sincere and sentimental. Like many of the company’s ad’s, this one features their ever-present CEO Neil Clark Warren, but this time he’s giving two small children advice about their romantic lives.

If that doesn’t line up with your picture of the Cash Money metal band, remember that Durst told SPIN last year that many people didn’t pick up on the “satire” that Limp Bizkit sought to conjure through their mega-macho music. In any case, watch the ad above, and try to keep reminding yourself that it was directed by Fred Durst, it’s better that way.