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Every Weird Al Video, Ranked

“Weird Al” Yankovic is a national treasure. It’s as simple as that. Going on four decades now, he’s the strange uncle who shows up every few years to remind us that pop music is supposed to be fun, that sacred cows were meant to be tipped. And while some folks like to argue about his relevance in 2014 — should he still release albums? Has YouTube obviated his existence? — such claims seem silly in light of the fact that he’s dominating the music news cycle this week, releasing a new video every day. Indeed, anyone can spoof pop music, but no one does it like Al. To mark the release of Yankovic’s 14th studio album (!!), Mandatory Fun, SPIN burned the midnight oil ranking Weird Al’s entire music video oeuvre – (including the brand new ones)! As the singer continues to release new videos over the next few days, we’ll add them to the mix too.

In the meantime, hats off to Al. May he forever remain white and nerdy.