Eminem Brings Ridiculous Hype for Pay-Per-View Battle-Rap Event

Eminem rap battle pay-per-view hollow da don joe budden total slaughter

The first trailer for the Eminem-hosted battle-rap event Total Slaughter looked more like a local car dealer commercial, but the latest ad for the pay-per-view program makes it look like a boxing match for the ages. Even if you’re not up to speed with underground rappers, this three-minute spot might get you hyped up to see Hollow Da Don take on Joe Budden like it was Holyfield vs. Tyson all over again (minus the ear-biting). As of this video, they’re making the chart-topper Budden seem like an underdog up against Mr. Da Don, just because the former isn’t as up to speed on off-the-cuff battles these days.

In a voiceover, Eminem says he wants to see somebody stand out, “to say the sickest, most ridiculous shit you can think of that makes somebody want to quit.” Then there’s some over-the-top quotes like “I’ve been preparing for this my whole life” and “a revolution is coming” to get you pumped for a revolution that will be televised for $19.95 “through iN DEMAND cable affiliates across North America and the Caribbean, and can be ordered online for PC, Mac, and both Apple and Android mobile devices at www.TotalSlaughter.tv” on July 12. Tickets for the event, which takes place at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom, are still available.



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