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DZ Deathrays Shred for Evil Tweens in ‘Less Out of Sync’ Video

DZ Deathrays Less Out Of Sync Black Rat Video

After sharing the agitated punk gem “Gina Works at Hearts” back in February, long-haired Aussie duo DZ Deathrays return with yet another gloriously grungy track from their next album, Black Rat — and a dizzying magically realist visual to accompany it. The blown out guitars and strained vocalizations are accompanied first by some fairly straightforward freakouts from a couple of troubled tweens, but after the song’s brief breakdown the clip spirals into the surreal and supernatural, aided by a gratuitous helping of digital video distortion. You can watch the video above, and catch Black Rat in full on August 18 via Infectious Music. No Jägermeister (that we can see) was hurt in the making of this video.