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Watch Clipping. Illustrate Their Dark ‘Story 2’

Watch Clipping. Tell The Dark "Story 2"

Lest you forget, Clipping. have made it their mission “to make sure that this music is mean to everybody,” and the new video for their track “Story 2” offers a tale to wrench any heart. Hailing from Sub Pop album CLPPNG, the song serves up the tragic narrative of a man who goes straight after a life of crime, yet cannot escape the violence of his past. The video is a perfect match, using jarring jump-cuts and disorienting repetition to incite a panicky pace, and as the story darkly unfolds, the disembodied legs of the protaganist are seen running faster and faster toward the nightmare awoken at the end of the song.

To see more of the mastery of clipping, watch some “Bullshit” or see them be “Bout.That.”