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Blackbird Blackbird Sparks Psychedelic Romance in ‘Love Unlimited’ Video

Blackbird Blackbird Love Unlimited Video

San Francisco’s Mikey Maramag has spent the better part of the last five years crafting beat-based dream-pop under the moniker Blackbird Blackbird (previously: Bye Bye Blackbird). He emerged early last month with a new, futuristic LP called Tangerine Sky for Om Records and now he’s shared the kaleidoscopic video for “Love Unlimited,” one of that record’s breezy standouts. The clip, directed by Larkin Donley and Govind Rae, details the beginning of a slow motion romance, and when our two stars eventually touch it unleashes some pulsing polychromatic imagery that functions as pretty salient visual analog to Maramag’s work. Stream the video above.