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Hear Azealia Banks’ Brooding Return ‘Heavy Metal and Reflective’

Azealia Banks Heavy Metal and Reflective stream

In the wake of her departure from her longtime label Interscope, New York rapper and provocateur Azealia Banks has shared a dusky new track called “Heavy Metal and Reflective.” On Twitter, the former SPIN cover star claimed that the track leaked, but she still directed her fans to it because they “need that new new anyway.”

Whether or not this track will appear on her long-gestating debut LP Broke With Expensive Taste remains unclear at this point, but the track’s brooding and subdued atmosphere is a good look for the notoriously keyed-up performer. References to Tamagotchis, sake, and Michael Jackson’s “Bille Jean” abound, and at just two-and-a-half minutes, Banks nimbly refuses to overstay her welcome. Listen to the track below. The recording will reportedly hit iTunes on Monday via Azealia Banks Records