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Adele’s Baby Got Rich By Winning a Privacy Lawsuit

Adele baby privacy lawsuit

Adele’s toddler son, Angelo Adkins, turns two in October, but he’s already got quite a few bones in the bank. According to a story from Billboard, baby Angelo won a privacy lawsuit against the photo agency Corbis Images UK, who handed over a five-figure sum to cover damages and legal fees incurred when the company took pictures of “routine, everyday family occasions.”

Adele’s lawyer, Jenny Afia, stated that “the paparazzi has no right to intrude upon, profit from, and file away in picture libraries” those private family moments, which occurred in June and November of 2013, BBC reports. Lucky for Angelo, the court agreed that the photos “represent a clear infringement of our rights to privacy,” and so the settlement will be filed away in a trust fund for the child, and the agency has agreed not to use the photos again. Maybe now we should shift the focus away from Adele’s personal life and go back to speculating about when her next album will drop.