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Weezer Teaser Depicts Young Rivers Cuomo Setting Out to Follow His Dreams

Watch Weezer Teaser Video Album

Weezer teasers return! After releasing a string of perplexing sound swatches, the power-sweater kings further fan the flames of anticipation for their next album with another installment entitled “Eulogy for a Rock Band.” The big picture is all greek, as of now, but the video’s title and the storyline seem to celebrate the journey of risking everything to follow a dream, contextualizing the band’s recently revealed optimistic album name as encouragement from a mother to her son upon his announcement that he’s leaving home for Los Angeles: Everything Will Be Alright in the End. While any thesis they’re crafting remains obscured, all signs point to themes of retrospective consideration, especially after Rivers and Co. went “Back to the Shack” aboard The Weezer Cruise earlier this year. Watch a Cuomo-looking kid further the story above, and the video that revealed the album’s title below.