Hear Warpaint’s Sooty Cover of Duran Duran’s ‘The Chauffeur’

Warpaint The Chauffeur Duran Duran Cover Stream

In just a few weeks, Manimal Vinyl will issue Making Patterns Rhyme, a collection of indie rock covers of Duran Duran songs for the benefit of Amnesty International. We’ve already heard Beliefs’ shoegaze-y take on “Sound of Thunder,” and today the label has shared Warpaint’s dimly lit cover of “The Chauffeur.” The Rio original shunned the band’s usual sulking synth-pop in favor of gritty basslines and abstract anxiety, which makes it a perfect fit for the Los Angeles-based indie-pop quartet and their murky atmospherics. They transform the track into something that’d fit quite nicely on their self-titled LP, emphasizing the unease with glittering synth lines that are covered with grime by the group’s hazy, dead-eyed vocalizations.

It’s not quite as harrowing as Deftones’ cover of the same track, but it’s spectral and hypnotic all the same. Making Patterns Rhyme is due out July 15.


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