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Walter Martin, Karen O Become Children in ‘Sing to Me’ Video

Walter Martin Karen O "Sing With Me"

Walter Martin is for the kids. The former multi-instrumentalist and co-songwriter for the Walkmen (who took an indefinite break back in February) recently declared his debut solo LP, We’re All Young Together, a “family record.” He wrote it while he and his wife were expecting their first child and as such, it’s a lovely, lilting record of gentle melodies and perfect children’s songs about the Beatles. 

Back in February, he released “Sing to Me,” a cut from Together featuring the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O, who’s also contributed her fair share to kid-friendly tunes — from a lullabye to an operating system on Spike Jonze’s Her, to a soundtrack for Jonze’s adaptation of his favorite childhood book Where the Wild Things Are, to a song for the animated feature Frankenweenie.

Now Martin and O’s collaboration gets a video in which two kids sit in the backseat of car and drive through a sun-dappled autum afternoon. The camera cuts to the face of whoever’s singing, so it looks like the kids are yodeling to each other about having butterflies in their tummies. Adorable.