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Watch Courtney Love and Michael Mouris’ Animated ‘Valley of the Dolls’ Remake

Watch Courtney Love and Michael Mouris' Animated 'Valley of the Dolls' Remake

“I’m never wrong, not about you,” screams Courtney Love on “You Know My Name,” the single off of the Hole singer’s recent You Know My Name/Wedding Day 7″ release. While the song is undoubtedly an anthem meant for a scorned ex-lover, her latest project — a tongue-in-cheek animated video entitled Valley of the Dolls — has the icon shifting her knowing (and hilariously sarcastic) digs onto her very famous friends.

The animated Valley of the Dolls video is a short adaptation of the classic storyline behind the cult classic and bestselling novel by the same name, wherein three women hop between New York and Hollywood in search of their careers and fame (as an actress, Broadway star, and model) before ultimately succumbing to the evils of the industry and spiraling into emotional chaos. Animated and voiced by Michael Mouris, the trailer pokes fun at the pop stars of today, with cartoon cameos made by Courtney (stage name: Corky), a fame-obsessed Lindsay Lohan (whose animated mother is played by Paula Deen), Miley Cyrus, Chloe Sevigny, and the permanently self-reverent James Franco.

“Dolls,” says the dramatically stern voice at the trailer’s opening. “That quick-fix to escape the pressures of life and the Hollywood entertainment industry.” Doll parts (legs, arms, and severed heads) are scattered through the video, which goes on to show our comically exaggerated heroes fall to their vices: Lohan develops an insatiable appetite for hamburgers, Sevigny riffs on the fashion of homeless people, Miley Cyrus becomes fascinated by strip clubs, and Franco discusses art for the sake of art.

There’s no word if this trailer will lead to an actual series, but for now you can cop the pink You Know My Name/Wedding Day vinyl and revisit our 20th anniversary oral history of Hole’s Live Through This. Read Charles Aaron’s original review of the iconic album, and Dennis Cooper’s 1994 SPIN cover story, “Love Conquers All.”