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See Tyler, the Creator and IceJJFish Skewer Shallow ‘Bugatti’ Rap

Tyler the Creator IceJJFish I Just Bought a Bugatti Video

It seems all too fitting that only days after the world witnessed Tyler, the Creator telling Larry King that he “hates” rap he’d release a video that skewers tired hip-hop tropes with aplomb. We first met the Odd Future founder’s Young Nigga alter-ego c. 2011 (he came threw looking clean, you’ll recall) but the cartoonishly thuggy character has since found an apt home on Tyler’s show for Adult Swim, Loiter Squad. Seen above, YN teams with unlikely overnight R&B-ish viral sensation IceJJFish (“On the Floor”) for a pretty delicious rap parody dubbed “I Just Bought a Bugatti (I’m Happy).” The premise pretty much speaks for itself — a statement on supplanting human joy with purchasing power — and the video is hilarious, opening with a press conference and devolving into bazookas, llama portraits, and Earl Sweatshirt overdubs. Enjoy, and for more fake musical acts from the OF crew, check out our interview with DJ Billy Jole.