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Watch TV on the Radio Talk ‘90210’ and Race With ‘SNL’ Star Vanessa Bayer

TV on the Radio Vanessa Bayer Sound Advice Video

While SNL is on its summer break, cast member Vanessa Bayer is keeping busy with the excellent Above Average web series Sound Advice, in which she plays media coach Janessa Slater, doling out terrible wisdom to musical guests. Following an awkward chat with Drake, her latest client/victim is TV on the Radio, whom she sat down with at Governors Ball. “Is it hard to be in a band while also being full-time baristas?” she asks, kicking off almost four minutes of uncomfortable conversation. Frontman Tunde Adebimpe, who’s previously showed off his comedic chops on Portlandia, is the most willing participant, subtly chastising Bayer’s hosting abilities while his bandmates seemingly border on breaking character in response to her offensive questions.

The best segment comes when she brings up Beverly Hills 90210, wondering which role they each identify with most. “I’m black so I don’t … was there a black kid on the show?” Adebimpe responds. Then comes Bayer’s harshest question: “Your music works in so many different types of genres but it makes them all sound like garbage, so I’m just wondering, how is that possible?” See how TV on the Radio deal with that above, then watch them perform three new songs off their as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2011’s Nine Types of Light.