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The Knife’s New Video Will Teach You the ‘Political Macarena’

The Knife, Europa Europa, "Political Macarena," "För Alla Namn Vi Inte Får Använda," EU, migration, political, cabaret

No, the Knife haven’t left behind the high-concept exploration of last year’s Shaking the Habitual to revive the most irritating I Love the ’90s segments. The Swedish duo is the house band for an “anti-nationalist cabaret” called Europa Europa, created with art group Ful. Premiering in Almedalen, Sweden, on July 1, with performances on the way in the rest of the country heading into its September elections, the cabaret takes aim at Europe’s “brutal” migration policies. The first glimpse of the project comes from the video above, for the Swedish-language “För alla namn vi inte får använda” (Google Translate: “For all the names we can not use”). And you know what, compared to much of the Knife’s last record, this fidgety, relatively straightforward techno-pop song could almost be played at weddings and sporting events like a certain Los Del Río hit at its peak. In any event, the clip — directed by past Knife collaborator Roxy Farhat — includes a dance called the “political Macarena,” choreographed by dance group Dom Dugliga. “Learn the steps and dance along!” reads the YouTube description. Check out the website, too.