The Family Rain Romance a Sex Doll in ‘We Are in Love’ Video

The Family Rain

Will Walter, the bassist for British outfit The Family Rain, reenacts Lars and the Real Girl as he woos a sex doll in the band’s new, lo-fi video for the “We Are in Love.” The clip for the upbeat garagae-rock track is both shot and edited by the trio and pays homage to both VHS camcorder footage and cheesy karaoke visuals, complete with unexplained French lyrics that flash on screen. The imagery works well with the slightly creepy chorus (“We are in love/But you don’t know it yet”) as a gleefully smitten Walter takes Carla—that’s the doll’s name—out on the town.

The song appears on Hunger Sauce EP, which is due out on July 29 via Virgin EMI/Mountbatten Recordings. In the meantime, you can watch the music video for “We Are in Love” above.


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