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Watch Tegan and Sara Get Insulted by Vanessa Bayer for ‘Sound Advice’

Tegan Sara Vanessa Bayer 'Sound Advice'

Following in the footsteps of TV on the Radio and Drake, Tegan and Sara are the latest musical acts to get terrible career tips from Saturday Night Live‘s Vanessa Bayer on her web series Sound Advice. The former SPIN cover stars get absolutely no career help, with Bayer telling them to switch names, insulting their “extra recess” songwriting on The Lego Movie‘s “Everything Is Awesome,” and wondering about the content of their introspective lyrics. “Do you guys have self-esteem issues and if you do, do you think you could maybe keep them to yourself? Because it’s kind of a buzzkill,” she says, as Tegan and Sara try not to break character. This episode contains a bonus appearance by fun.’s Jack Antonoff, who plays himself as Bayer’s coffee-fetching intern. “I need you to carry on and get out of here,” she tells him, as the Quin twins look on, astonished. Enjoy it above.