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Souls of Mischief Team With Snoop Dogg for ‘There Is Only Now’

Souls of Mischief There Is Only Now Snoop Dogg

Bay Area rap icons Souls of Mischief have shared the title track for their new album There is Only Now. The Hieroglyphics OGs call upon Snoop Dogg on this stirring single about living for the moment. As previously reported, the group’s first long-player in five years was recorded without the use of computers, instead utilizing 2-inch analogue tape with each song recorded in a single take. The album’s producer, Adrian Younge (Jay-Z, Ghostface Killah, Delfonics), ensured all instruments were either played by himself or studio musicians to cut out the convention of sampling sounds from machines. Thus, the track registers with an otherworldly freedom of space and a fascinating diversity of raw sounds and voices. Due out August 26 on Younge’s Linear Labs, There Is Only Now will unfold as a musical crime saga based on a real-life near-fatal accident experienced early in the journeys of the Souls.