Sondre Lerche Is a Drunken Mess in ‘Bad Law’ Video

Sondre Lerche Bad Law Video Please

We’ve had those nights. The ones with two too many drinks leading to 10 too many dance moves, topped off by tipsy stumbles and a face plant that keeps you down for good while the rest of the party does its best to stay out of your way. Yep, even Sondre Lerche has had those nights.

Though typically refined, the Norwegian indie-popper took to recreating one such remorseful soiree in a new music video for “Bad Law,” his upcoming album’s opener and lead single. Lerche has labeled Please his “divorce record” (an alt-take on the Robin Thicke approach), having written and recorded it after his separation from wife Mona Fastvold (whose film The Sleep Walker he scored last year). It will be out September 23 on Lerche’s own, now awkwardly named, Mona Records.

Lerche tells Rolling Stone, who premiered the clip, his real life is inspiration here: “On a godforsaken night last year, I was out with some new friends, and I thought I was the life of the party until somebody came up to me and told me I might as well just leave if I was going to ruin it for everyone. I had been dancing intensely and merrily while tearing down decorations and streamers all night. But then, I had apparently started trying to tear off pipes and parts of the interior of the actual building. I was that guy, which took me by surprise because I hadn’t even been drinking that much, and I usually can read my surroundings pretty well.”

Meet that guy above.


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