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Snakehips and Sinead Harnett’s ‘Days With You’ Is Soulful Summer Bliss

Snakehips feat. Sinead Harnett, "Days With You"

With their remixes for acts like Bondax, Banks, and the Weeknd, Snakehips have carved out a summery sweet spot somewhere between dulcet deep house, classic boom-bap, and feathery neo-soul. The duo (London’s Oliver Lee and James Carter) is clearly following in the footsteps of U.K. acts like Disclosure and Rudimental, so it makes perfect sense that they’d team up with singer Sinead Harnett, previously heard from on the former’s “Boiling” and the latter’s “Hide” and “Baby.” A month ago, Snakehips pitched in on Harnett’s blissfully downcast “No Other Way,” and they team up again for Snakehips’ own “Days With You.”

Swirling with vintage strings, xylophone sweeps, and easy-listening background vocals — and a sampledelic sensibility reminiscent of the Avalanches’ Since I Left You — “Days With You” is shot through with a comforting sense of déjà vu. It’s almost as though you can anticipate how you’ll feel when you hear this song a decade or two down the line, once it’s accrued a summer’s worth of memories. And isn’t that what summer songs are all about?

“Days With You” comes out August 17 on the new label Hoffman West; Snakehips’ upcoming gig schedule includes stops at Glastonbury Festival, Leeds Festival, and Outlook.