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Watch Sia Perform ‘Chandelier’ on ‘Seth Meyers’ With a Dancing Lena Dunham

Monday night brought Sia and her soaring single “Chandelier” to Late Night With Seth Meyers. As with her recent performance on Ellen, the Australian songwriter decided to usher a little more strangeness to the program. Lena Dunham, in a platinum blonde wig, functioned as Sia’s mouth and limbs for the majority of the performance.

After turning Meyers’ stage into a bedroom of sorts, Dunham started off by popping through several crude cardboard cutouts, before eventually letting loose for some dramatic interpretative dancing. It was like a weird approximation of the song’s video, though Dunham’s choreography was decidedly goofier than that handled in the original clip by 11-year-old Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler.

The Beyoncé collaborator and soundtrack superstar was on hand for the performance, though somewhat creepily, she lay facedown and motionless on a lofted bed for the entirety of the song, until Dunham mounted the bed and began to spoon her.

The whole clip is probably even stranger than it sounds, and you can watch the it below. Sia’s sixth solo LP, 1000 Forms of Fear, is due out July 8 on RCA.