Macklemore Pal Ryan Lewis Asks Fans Who Ryan Lewis Is for ‘Fallon’

Ryan Lewis 'Fallon' Video Macklemore

While Macklemore has been a lightning rod for controversy thanks to his popularity, debatable earnestness, public attempts at humility, and that stupid costume that many saw as anti-Semitic, it’s easy to forget that he’s part of a duo with producer and DJ Ryan Lewis. While the rapper is out there getting all the attention with his words and haircut, Lewis provides the musical backdrop without playing hype man, being about as anonymous as someone who won the Best Rap Album Grammy a few months ago can be. As far as we know, he’s never thought he was gay because he could draw, nor purchased his clothes at Goodwill.

With all that in mind, Jimmy Fallon enlisted Lewis himself to go out on the streets of New York and ask people about who Ryan Lewis is, what he does, what he looks like, and whether he’s attractive. The results are predictably hilarious and awkward, especially as people realize who they’re talking to — after all, it is pretty easy to pick one man out of two-man photo when the other guy is one of the biggest rappers in the country. Even if you’re a Macklemore hater, it’s a pretty enjoyable stunt, as Lewis comes across as a pretty easygoing, funny dude. 


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