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Hear Ryan Hemsworth and Qrion’s Dreamy Digital Love Song ‘Every Square Inch’

Ryan Hemsworth Every Square Inch Listen Qrion

Ryan Hemsworth’s proven his knack for turning something boring into something beautiful. Now the brilliant, odd-ball artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia, has quietly dropped a tender new song called “Every Square Inch” featuring Japanese producer Qrion. Beneath the SoundCloud player: “this song is not about kissing or anything like that.” Sure, dude. In truth, the minimal, gravity-defying track would perfectly score a dreamy romance sequence in some wicked RPG. It initially brings to mind Cornelius’ “Brazil” remake, though tweaks the formula futher with a Drive-friendly synth sequence, hand-claps, and acoustic guitar that wouldn’t be out of place on an early ’90s Az Yet LP. Can you ride a chocobo to a drive-in movie? Listen here: