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Hear Ryan Hemsworth and Qrion’s Dreamy Digital Love Song ‘Every Square Inch’

The Canadian producer sure knows how to put us in a very particular mood

Ryan Hemsworth’s proven his knack for turning something boring into something beautiful. Now the brilliant, odd-ball artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia, has quietly dropped a tender new song called “Every Square Inch” featuring Japanese producer Qrion. Beneath the SoundCloud player: “this song is not about kissing or anything like that.” Sure, dude. In truth, the minimal, gravity-defying track would perfectly score a dreamy romance sequence in some wicked RPG. It initially brings to mind Cornelius’ “Brazil” remake, though tweaks the formula futher with a Drive-friendly synth sequence, hand-claps, and acoustic guitar that wouldn’t be out of place on an early ’90s Az Yet LP. Can you ride a chocobo to a drive-in movie? Listen here: