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RiFF RaFF Streams His Neon Consciousness in ‘iNTRODUCiNG THE iCON’ Video

Mad Decent rapper's head is — surprise — full of bright lights and wild ideas

By day, Jody Highroller dispenses life lessons to kids. But by night, the man best known as RiFF RAFF is an elder statesman of party. In his new video for “iNTRODUCiNG THE iCON,” from his just-out album NEON iCON, we get to see the Mad Decent rapper in his element, going hard in blacklit clubs surrounded by scantily clad women, as we’re barraged by a nonstop flood of clips literally illustrating his nonsense-skirting lyrics. There are corn fields, hover crafts, weight-lifting, sharks, and a lot of T&A, naturally. Cartoon Diplo even makes an appearance on the Deezus-produced track, lecturing on the importance of focusing in on the lyrics on songs. “A lot is riding on this album,” RiFF-RAFF’s label boss tells him. “Man fuck that!” he responds, and continues down a weird and wild path of Technicolor gibberish.