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New Father Convinces Internet He Named Twin Boys ‘Raekwon’ and ‘Ghostface’

Raekwon Ghostface Killah Babies Wu Tang Fake

On Father’s Day, a new dad took to Twitter to announce the birth of his two beautiful baby boys. Cute children aside, it all would have been relatively mundane for the entire rest of the Internet, if not for the birth certificate worksheets that Dan Lieberman tweeted. If the proud father was to be trusted, he’d just named his sons, yes, Raekwon and Ghostface Lieberman.

But before the boys could even start plotting their debut mixtape (Enter the Liebermen?), as Gawker points out, dad took to Facebook to inform worried friends and family that the whole thing was just a joke. It’s the kind of story that everybody wants to believe, and it looks like even the Chef himself was fooled. Sunday afternoon, Raekwon (who’s been allagedly causing some Wu-related problems lately) screencapped Lieberman’s picture and posted it to his own Instagram account calling it “live” and hashtagging the post “wu4thebabies.” 

Ol’ Dirty Bastard did once tell us that “Wu-Tang is for the children.” And at least there’s some weird Wu news that’s not totally disgusting. You can see Dan Lieberman’s initial tweet below, along with a screencap of his eventual admission, and Raekwon’s Instagram post.

Dan Lieberman Wu Tang Babies