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Canyon Cody and Captain Planet Take Merengue Classic ‘Pun Pun Catalu’ to the Trap

Celia Cruz, Willie Colon

There’s something about Fania, the storied Latin label, that goes so well with summer. It was true back in its ’70s heyday, when the label’s All-Stars like Willie Colón and Celia Cruz were jamming at Yankee Stadium in August. Recently it’s become a summer ritual of some to party at Armada Fania and dance to reimagined classics by global bass heavy-hitters like Toy Selectah and Isa GT.

Los Angeles DJ/producers Canyon Cody and Captain Planet’s take on “Pun Pun Catalu,” a late-70s merengue by the tropical legends, eschews convention though. The energized remix swells and vacillates between rollicking tropical brass and vocals and unexpected, unrelenting trap interludes overlaid with an almost-scatting Cruz. The remix of “Pun Pun Catalu” appears on Fania’s recently released Myrtle & Wyckoff compilation, which continues the 50th Anniversary celebration of the label. Stream the track below.