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Canyon Cody and Captain Planet Take Merengue Classic ‘Pun Pun Catalu’ to the Trap

Remix comes from Fania Records' 'Myrtle & Wyckoff' EP

There’s something about Fania, the storied Latin label, that goes so well with summer. It was true back in its ’70s heyday, when the label’s All-Stars like Willie Colón and Celia Cruz were jamming at Yankee Stadium in August. Recently it’s become a summer ritual of some to party at Armada Fania and dance to reimagined classics by global bass heavy-hitters like Toy Selectah and Isa GT.

Los Angeles DJ/producers Canyon Cody and Captain Planet’s take on “Pun Pun Catalu,” a late-70s merengue by the tropical legends, eschews convention though. The energized remix swells and vacillates between rollicking tropical brass and vocals and unexpected, unrelenting trap interludes overlaid with an almost-scatting Cruz. The remix of “Pun Pun Catalu” appears on Fania’s recently released Myrtle & Wyckoff compilation, which continues the 50th Anniversary celebration of the label. Stream the track below.