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Watch Popstrangers’ Strip Club-Set ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ Video

popstrangers, don't be afraid, video

At the end of May, Popstrangers released their spacey second album, Fortuna. Now, the New Zealand trio have shared a music video for the LP’s guardedly optimistic track “Don’t Be Afraid.” Director Liam Healy helms the clip, which depicts a transgender woman’s struggle with her identity. Set in a seedy, neon-lit strip club, the short focuses on the lead as she prepares to perform for a crowd of boorish men.

“The video is about the rush you get after you do something for the first time,” Healy says. “The initial sick-with-nerves feeling, the rejection of your inhibitions and then that final release when you are not afraid anymore.” Watch the video above, and head over to iTunes or Carpark Records to pick up Fortuna.