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Parquet Courts Channel Burroughs in ‘Black and White’ Video

Parquet Courts 'Black and White' Video

With Parquet Courts’ SPIN Essential new album Sunbathing Animal out today (June 3), the Brooklyn quartet are back with another video shot in singer-guitarist Andrew Savage’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood. Whereas the visuals for the LP’s title track featured only his cat Frida catching some rays on his couch, the “Black and White” clip follows Savage on a long walk down the street, overlaying footage of brownstones, bodegas, and locals.

According to a press release, the above was “inspired by the experimental films of William Burroughs and Brion Gysin and meant to represent the depth and complexity of the personal stories which exist in a simple city stroll.” The video, which was co-directed by Austin Brown and Johann Rashid, ends with a shot of Savage’s window, the same one that his cat sat near to sunbathe. Sadly, the feline does not make an appearance.