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OK Go Take Us Behind the Scenes of Their New Video’s Wildest Illusion

OK Go Behind the Scenes The Writings on the Wall Video

On Wednesday, OK Go returned with another eye-boggling filmic feat and instantly canonical entry into the History of Awesome Music Videos. Their clip for “The Writing’s on the Wall” offered a dizzying blitz of optical illusions, many of which involved creating simple geometric shapes out of mélanges of oddly organized items — a trick of depth perception and coloration that yielded some amazing results in the first half of the song. Then Los Angeles quartet almost literally flip the whole thing on its head. Or bassist Tim Nordwind’s head, rather, as they use the same perspective wilding to replicate the dude’s face using, among many other things: an umbrella, a mannequin, a traffic cone, a stapler, a tire, and a plate holding macaroons and socks. Of course, you can’t tell all that from watching the original video for the Hungry Ghosts LP single (which you can revisit below) — you’ll have to peep the behind-the-scenes clip above. Take it away, Nordwind(s).