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Watch Nirvana’s Entire Rock Hall Night, With Courtney Love, Lorde, and More

Nirviana Rock Hall Performance Speeches Video

The highlight of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony was inarguably the final portion of the evening, when Nirvana were honored for their brief but incredibly influential career. The segment featured a number of touching tributes, from Michael Stipe’s heartfelt speech, to Kurt Cobain’s mother talking about how her son would’ve loved the event, to Courtney Love burying the hatchet with Dave Grohl, to — best of all — the performances by the band’s surviving members with four women standing in on vocals.

Though the ceremony took place back in April, HBO’s edited version of the night’s Nirvana doings aired on May 31, and a fan has uploaded the footage to YouTube. While we’ve already seen the performances of Joan Jett doing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and St. Vincent singing “Lithium,” you can now watch Kim Gordon going all out on “Aneurysm” and Lorde taking a tender turn on “All Apologies.” Fast forward to the 17-minute mark if you only want to see the music, but it’s very much worth hearing the speeches, too.