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Watch Nirvana Fans Adorably Interviewed by MTV News in 1992 Seattle

nirvana mtv news 1992 phil elverum microphones video

UPDATE: It’s back!

Incredibly, charming bits of vintage Nirvana-related material still exist to be recirculated online. The alternative-rock standard-bearers’ past has been tirelessly exhumed in recent years, between the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, the Kurt Cobain death-scene items and photographs released by Seattle police, and the 20th-anniversary reissues. But there’s clearly still more to dig up out there, because WashedUpEmo (via Noisey) points to a newly YouTube’d MTV News clip full of interviews with Nirvana fans on hand in Seattle on September 11, 1992, for the group’s first hometown show since Nevermind got huge. One of those fans was a young Phil Elverum (c. 1:55; also, below), who went on to indie-rock glory with the Microphones and Mount Eerie. Another is a guy with a hacky sack, who says of Nirvana’s success: “It sucks. That’s why they’re cool.” Actually, on second thought, there can’t be anything else of interest out there about this band. The ’90s have officially been encapsulated.

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Also, young Elverum:

nirvana mtv news 1992 phil elverum microphones video

And the confirmation, gently sussed out by a Twitter fan: