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Nicki Minaj Holds the Game’s Disembodied Head in ‘Pills N Potions’ Video

Nicki Minaj, "Pills N Potions," the Game, video

Nicki Minaj has the rap game in the palm of her hands. Correction: Nicki Minaj has rapper the Game in the palm of her hands. Specifically, his head. More specifically, it isn’t attached to his body. The video for “Pills N Potions,” a drug-themed love ballad from an upcoming Minaj album called The Pink Print, splits screen time between the former American Idol judge herself and the Compton-repping “Hate It or Love It” rapper, whose last album was 2012’s clunky Jesus Piece. Aside from grasping the Game’s disembodied noggin, Minaj wears rabbit ears and cries metallic tears. There is an actual rabbit for some reason. As Minaj preps the follow-up to her own 2012 album, the singularly multi-faceted Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, it’s all ridiculous enough to leave you wondering what she might pull out of her hat next. He’s the Game; she’s game for whatever.

Nicki Minaj, the Game, "Pills N Potions"